Unwritten Prophecy

Sunday, January 30, 2011


A must see film concerning the loopholes and corruption regarding the monetary system, why we need to live in a resource and anti-capitalistic society, the Venus Project, Morality and religion's faultiness and the depletion of our natural resources. The movie gives great incite into how our genes are affected by our environment and how strong a role that plays on the lives we lead. In retrospect, it is by far the most life changing movie I have seen. It will shock you. Enjoy.

I Loved Here, Once

I loved her, once.

The unsteady Ferris wheel we boarded
One cold autumn day in Coney Island,

Waning and growing,
An erratic eight months
Compact in photo booth strips.

The Novocain numbness when we kissed,
Linking us on cobweb spindles
swaying in violent wind,

I loved her, twice.

When I was her little prince, the sixty pieces
Of Bubble Gum Kush & Moet presents
Her infatuation to posses me,

I loved her less.

Filling her awkward body in sex’s dance,
Closing my eyes to Jane’s perfect tattooed hips.

In order to come,
Back to you.

I kissed her again and again,
Under the endless sky,
the night we broke up,

She pulled tissues out her heart.
But I couldn’t understand
why Brooklyn looked so dope.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lil' Wayne in Rolling Stone

Get your Rolling Stone issue with newly buff Lil' Wayne on the cover, discussing his recent jail time, his next album etc. Also download his new mixtape Liltunechi Reborn! It's wild, enticing and raw.

Download it here.

Photo Dumpster Pt. 2

Christmas in Harlem

Photo Dumpster

They're Back!

They’re back. The most sought after sneakers in the world are back for another year, with the adidas Originals by Originals JS Wings by Jeremy Scott back for the fall / winter 2011 season in a new camo colorway. We can’t wait. We just can’t wait.

Kanye: Eyes Closed

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Invisible Girl

Here's a short I made my freshman year of college when I was debating whether or not to go to film school. It wasn't supposed to be a silent film, but because we didn't get copyright for the music we'd originally chosen, we had no choice. The premise of the movie is about an artist who feels trapped and she's apprehensive that her work will never reach the world's view. My voice is pretty funny as the narration. Tell me what you think.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ralph Lauren's Cars

Ralph Lauren owns 60 of the rarest cars in the world including the Enzo Ferrari and a Lamborghini. I guess that's what happens when you achieve greatness.

Paredes and Reinwald designed the garage so that you could see your way from the lobby only to the library and the workshop; there is no sign of where the cars in the collection are housed. You return to the lobby, and at the right moment, which is to say when Lauren, or Reinwald, decides you are to enter the inner sanctum, a button is pressed, an entire panel of the lobby wall slides away, and you are staring a new Lamborghini Reventón in the face. It is the first indication that this is less a garage or a storehouse than a museum installation, since the positioning of the Reventón, one of three 2010 Lamborghinis that Lauren has acquired, is as studied as the placement of the Venus de Milo at the Louvre. The car, made of carbon fiber, has sharp, folded lines, and its front end is both ominous and graceful, as if a fighter jet had been made as a piece of origami. It commands you to pay attention to it. "I went to Italy and fell in love with it," Lauren told me as we walked past the car and he ran his hand over the dark, matte gray surface. "It's like a building-the shadows, the light. It's like Star Wars. Every time I look at it I see something else." Only 15 of the 640-horsepower Reventón roadsters were built, and they sold for roughly $2 million each. (Lauren's is the only one in the United States.) The car, like all of the cars in the collection, is registered and available whenever Lauren feels like taking it for a spin.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Big Sean

"Become your Dream"

Walking by my apartment in midtown, I noticed a cupboard being disposed of and almost thought nothing of it until I noticed some graffiti. Turns out, native New Yorker and artists Dela Vega had tagged the cupboard. Dela Vega is an extremely influential artist. His most powerful quote, "become your dream" has transcended throughout the five boroughs, all around the world. Here's what I saw, plus some of his work around the city:

Trend Dumpster

Tron: Legacy

Legendary electro-duo, Daft Punk, who've been off the map for some time now resurfaced with the movie Tron: Legacy. The soundtrack for the movie is incredible, as are the special effects and costume design. Tron: Legacy's innovation has inspired me and Unwritten Prophecy Clothing, too. Generally, the plot is lacking, but the graphics, lighting and special effects used throughout the film will blow your mind.

Stop right there, your swag is too hard!


So ridiculous.


Damn, girl.

Now I feel like dancing!

The old Tron looks dope too!