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Thursday, March 31, 2011

COMME des Garçons

I've always been in love with COMME des Garçons, from her pattern work to everything that's come out the last 40 years including her prodigy Junya Watanabe. Check out COMME des Garçons' Homme Plus Spring/Summer Collection entitled, "The Skull Of Life", here:

Starstruck- Big Sean Ft. Santigold

My new favorite jam. Big Sean is finally famous, getting moneyyy! His world-play is out of control, check out his Mixtape 'Finally Famous: Volume III', here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Charlie Sheen's mentally insane videos have gone viral and since then he's shown the world, more than ever, that we can just sit in our chairs and watch people lose their minds and not do anything about it. Someone get him a therapist! We're idolizing a lunatic, but you got to admit, it's kind of hilarious.

Here's a compilation of some of his finer moments; tell me what you think:


this song is so addictive

this dude is on drugs!

he has a tattoo that says winning!

Charlie Sheen is winning, but for how long and at what cost?

Unwritten Prophecy Clothing Video On Vimeo

For those of you in foreign countries, unable to view the Spring/Summer Lookbook Video for Unwritten Prophecy, we've put our video on Vimeo, superseding all these international copyright laws. Check the video out, right here:

Unwritten Prophecy Clothing (2011) from Ricky Goldman on Vimeo.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

impossible is nothing

mh those lips

croatia has beautiful waterfalls

a must have, whoa

2nd Fashion Show Booked for Unwritten Prophecy Clothing!

The second fashion show for Unwritten Prophecy Clothing will take place in Edinburgh on May 4th @ GHQ Picardy Place, a well known club in Scotland's capital. Unwritten Prophecy Clothing will surprise the public with new designs and concepts for both men and women. I'm so excited for the show! Get ready and see you there.

And the place looks so dope!

Also working with some designers on branding. Life couldn't be better, when your dreams are in front of your eyes. Damn. Thank you everyone for all your support thus far and all the future support ;)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Freestyle Friday's: Episode II

Here's Episode II, hope you guys have been enjoying my freestyles so far and look forward to more! Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition

You know how there are just some songs that sum up your life perfectly, well, this is one of those songs, for me at least. I'm in love with it, maybe you'll find yourself in it too. Check it out:

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...


so in love with Javi Castano's design

bat cave


Kanye in Paris

Native American Print, tribal swag

Monday, March 21, 2011

Unwritten Prophecy Clothing's Official Video

Back in early December, me, along with a couple of my friends, sought to shoot a concept, that concept became Unwritten Prophecy Clothing, the dream that is now becoming a seeable reality. The video is edited and filmed by the outstanding Ricky Goldman, who did his best to capture all the fun we had throughout the freezing cold photo shoot in Williamsburg, New York. I'd like to thank Thomas Garret, Melissa Basaran, Ilaria De Plano, Yulia Silina and Timothy Aaron! But mostly I'd like to thank Ricky for putting up with all my bullshit. Thank you all for your hard work. Here's the video and a short preview of Unwritten Prophecy Clothing S/S Collection, enjoy:

Jaydiohead- Ignorant Swan Medley

Radiohead and Jay-Z have some of the best collaborations that I've ever heard, as they both tend to bring a sense of rawness and unique quality to their work. The dichotomy between their genres comes together nicely in this song, Ignorant Swan Medley. Plus the video is extremely well produced. Check it out:

Jaydiohead Ignorant Swan Medley from SUBVOYANT on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Freestyle Friday's: Episode I

Welcome to Freestyle Fridays, every friday till I get tired of it. I'll feature new projects I'm working on as well as fresh beats and new rhymes. Tell me what you guys think! Enjoy.

E.T.- Katy Perry ft. Kanye West

Monday, March 14, 2011

Official Photos From Ooh Fashion Spring/Summer Show

Photography by the talented Dennis McInally.

Photo by Dennis McInally

Photo by Dennis McInally

Photo by Dennis McInally

Photo by Dennis McInally

Photo by Dennis McInally

Photo by Dennis McInally

Talib Kweli- How You Love Me (New Single)

Talib Kweli is back at it again with his new single "How You Love Me". His lyricism can not be matched to this day. Talib Kweli is a god of the industry. Check it out:

Sunday, March 13, 2011


damn, I miss being in love.

true story


Neon Swag

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fans of Unwritten Prophecy Clothing

Thanks to all the fans and all the support the last couple of months! #winning


We're in the business of making people smile!


Basquait T

He probably #got some

Some picks from Oohfashion's Fashion Show

Oofashion's Fashion Show broke my Fashion Show cherry. I finally got the chance, not only to see how fashion shows come together but I also got to experience the hectic nature of shows, too. Unwritten Prophecy Clothing fit three men, with two different spring/summer outfits in our line, including one new design, the "Basquiat T". The show was at the Ghillie Dhu in Edinburgh, an beautiful gothic space that served as a great medium for the clothes represented at the fashion show. In general, the experience was surreal, but it was also a wonderful and humbling experience to me, especially after the show concluded and got to say, "I did it!" Here are a couple pictures from the show. Professional pictures will be up soon!

Photo by Nuala Swan

Photo by Nuala Swan

Photo by Nuala Swan

More coming soon!

Check out Nuala Swan's Flickr, here.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Big Gunz- Staple Gun Video

Just a glimpse of the lives of Big Gunz the night after a Friday Night Throwdown! Check out their video with a staple gun:

Interview With Undefeated Boxer and Aspiring Model, Charlie Rockstar

1. Tell me who, beyond all labels, who you consider yourself and what it is you occupy your time with?

I am a kid. I feel like a kid becoming a man. This period is like my life's Bar mitzvah. I consider my self a fighter and a confident one at that. I occupy my time with boxing, working with kids, taking pictures, going to school, and Facebook, just like any other 20 year old. Those are just the things I do.

2. Who/what is Big Gunz? How do you become a member?

Big Gunz is a tight knit crew. All young good-looking dudes who know how to have a good time. We're all childhood friends. It's something special, its something most people watch and wish they had, but it’s really hard to come by.

Photo By Eric Johnson

You can't "become" a member you just know when you are one. The last person we let in is a guy named Owen, I met him because I was gonna beat him up. The fucker screwed my ex girlfriend while I was dating her. I couldn't do it though. He was so rad. He hungout with us for a year and about fifteen hundred beers later he was big gunz.

Don’t get the idea though. If you screw my girl I’ll probably kill you.

Photo By Marco Bollinger

3. How many tattoos do you currently have? Considering any new ones?

1 2 3 4 5. All silly, all Rad.

4. You have a unique personal style, distinct from current vogue. What influences your personal taste in clothing?

Haha, fashion is silly, but man I feel good putting on something new and fresh. To be honest though my style is simple I feel like a cartoon character sometimes: Tight black jeans, suspenders, white shirt, and cowboy boots.

Modeling, I have developed more of a taste for in-style clothing, but at this point I can't really afford them. So fuck it, I rock out just as hard in my regular outfits.

5. What is your relationship like with your trainer Leon Taylor? How does he feel about your current lifestyle?

Leon and me are strange. He’s a big black bear, his style is awkward and "wrong" but it works. He took me in and is the only trainer that didn't try to change my style. I fight like him in that I am awkward and not your traditional boxer. Hey I am undefeated with 9 fights 6 k/o’s so it’s working right?

He doesn't want me to fall into the streets like he did, he sees me partying and I can see the attraction and the left-over’s of his addiction to my life style in his eyes. He knows I know or think I know what I am doing though. Life will play out the way its gonna. I’m gonna do my best... that’s it.

Leon Taylor (Sports Illustrated)

6. Your stats are very impressive, undefeated with one win in golden gloves. What motivated you to start boxing in the first place?

Impressive? No. Good? Yes. I started boxing because I got tired of "discovering my self" in traditional martial arts. I wanted to fight and get my aggressions out... I liked punching people in the face in an agreement. (I wont be mad if you punch me because its what we are in the ring to do)

7. With your recent success as a boxer, front cover of the Metro New York and up-and-coming model career, do you ever get the chance to step back and say, “fuck, is this all really happening?”

Metro New York

Yes, I'll admit there is a lot of press on me right now, but the metro had the underground fights on the cover and what’s that? I never heard of that? *cough cough*

I still feel like I am fucking dreaming dude. Yes I worked hard in the past couple years, but I wasn't trying to get where I am now necessarily. What ever is happening right now is rad. Oh no, there isnt time to look back right now, just keep moving forward.

8. “I get by with a little help from my friends.” -John Lennon. With success come impostors, keen on jumping on the bandwagon. What’s your opinion on Lennon’s quote and how have you dealt with fake(ness) in the past?

Haha man I’ll tell you it is a lot easier to see who is my real and fake friends are now. This is a tricky question for me. Really I mean this. I love just about everyone in my life new or old.

My scene is rad, they see good things happening to me right now and of course they wanna get on board, its human nature. Look at you Allen, although we have known each other for quite a bit, the only reason your interviewing me now is because good things keep happening around me. If all this works out and keeps going in this direction. It’s my engraved in my morals to help out the people around me.

9. When I think about modeling and boxing, I think, doesn’t one conflict the other? I mean, you don’t want to break that nice jawbone of yours. How do you cope?

Haha fuck that, I don’t get punched! No really, I put boxing above all because it makes me happier, just because agencies or bookers say I can't show up with a broken face, it wont stop me, I love that sport more then I love your photo shoot. I am gonna do what ever the fuck I want.

Photo By Gene Michael Bradly

Other then a couple broken noses... like right now from sparring a pro, and a couple fractured jaws, it really hasn't gotten in my way to do anything.

10. How do you get ready for a boxing match, do you have any rituals like rain dancing or burning incents and running naked chanting tribal hymns?

Meh, I wear my lucky undies, suck it up, and hope its gonna be a good day.

That and train my dick off.

11. What’s the recent update on your modeling career? Who’s your favorite photographer to work with?

Ouuu favorite photographer, have to say Marco Bollinger. He’s kinda amazing. I have had the pleasure of working with many amazing photographers though. I would love to mention them all, but it wouldn't be fair to leave one out on a list that I can't put together in my head. My newest job though is a shoot for glamour mag... Me and my lady doing some couples editorial.. Sounds fun. Oh also I had a lot of fun recently at the Bi Jules fashion show modeling her new jewelry line "the Seize Kind."

Photo by Korey Ko

12. It seems like you’ve been juggling a storm lately, how do you hold a relationship with your girlfriend and best friends, while upholding these new responsibilities?

It's hard, especially with my girlfriend being a very busy model, but everyone knows I am just trying to bring everyone up to where ever its going (can't talk about much detail). I am doing my best for everyone, and although I can't be there for everyone all the time, they know good things are coming and the love is still there... sometimes it just feels like its in the air waiting to be sucked back down again.

Photo by Teknari

13. In addition to kicking some ass, what’s your motto for life?

Have no shame boys, its what you were born to do.. If you wanna yell you better scream (Muhammad Ali came to me in a dream and told me that). Oh, and be happy, if your not happy with your life change it, don’t wait another minute, change it now... NOW. NOW.

14. Besides Justin Bieber, who’s your biggest inspiration?

Justin Bieber pretty much does it for me... so dreamy the way his hair flips.

No ummm, biggest inspirations... Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay), Jim Carrey, My mom, Michael Russo (my best friend), my dad, Jessamine Kelley (mah woman), and Big Gunz, really.

Muhammad Ali

15. How does it feel to be the “Underground Hero” of New York?

What are you talking about?

16. Can you give us an inside scoop on what the future holds for Charlie Rockstar?

Hahahha, you’ll fuckin see, well any way I hope you’ll fuckin’ see. Worse comes to worse, which isn’t bad at all. Say all this was over tomorrow. I go back to my awesome life with my awesome friends and I will become a Professional Boxer.

What ever happens I am very fortunate and one day I hope to bring my fortune to as much of the world as I can.

One thing I wanted to add. I haven't been in this dim, growing brighter light for long, but what I see already is that you can find the same amount of happiness doing almost anything. I don't think you need fame and money to lead a happy life. Not that I have much fame or money, just saying I see it now. I have poked my head in to that world. I find just as happy people at dive bars and house parties.

17. What's your biggest fear?

Well I have anxiety problems. Its actually my biggest life problem, I get panic attacks for pretty much no reason, on the train, cars, planes, being far from home sometimes during shoots. Yet never when I am fighting... Strange.

But my biggest fear would probably be losing my best friends... that and tsunamis. I am sooo fucking afraid of tsunamis.

18. Tits or ass?

ASS. I am an assman just like your song Allen Feldman.

Photo by Teknari

But of course I love a good pair of boobays.

19. You say that if you become fortunate enough you want to help as many people as possible, what organization or cause appeals to you most?

I actually have an idea for a computer program that would progress children, the future of politics and the general well being of the world. I haven't looked into many charities or organizations yet because I haven't much to give. I am all for a greener earth, peace among all humans and the environment that has been kind enough to let us live this far through it's mis-treatment. I am all for the gay community as well.

If I was to have a main on a single cause though it would be bettering the lives of children because I have experience working with them and I feel like I would have some immediate direction and capability to help them.

Check out Big Gunz's blog HERE.